S.O.D.A.(School Of Digital Arts) is one of the latest additions to the Manchester metropolitan All Saints Campus. Building commenced mid 2019 with the goal of opening its doors in 2021. In December 2019 I began documenting the development through drawing, focussing on both the workers and the changing landscape. I started with small quick studies with the intention of documentation rather than producing large scale works. This was an effective way of working given the site was constantly changing and made it impossible to draw from life for more than a few minutes at a time.
My intention was to work in this style until at least July and possibly longer but unfortunately had to leave Manchester in March 2020 due to lockdown. In order to get this project to a point which I felt comfortable with I took photos so that I could continue working from a distance. Although this isn't how intended the project to conclude I am happy that I had the option to keep working on it even after I left Manchester.
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