I am a digital artist. I don’t mean that I use a lot of fancy technology or techniques, I mean that I treat the screen as if it were paper and use traditional drawing techniques to create some great contrast within my linework. I really enjoy character design and working with anatomy in interesting ways, however, it’s not a priority in my work, I choose whatever device lets me portray the chosen narrative best whether that is a character sat on their own or a building site in the middle of a city.
I like making the mundane weird. My work can be described as surreal, not in the drastic sense, but I twist, stretch and add to the subjects of my drawings to make them unique and stand out amongst a sea of colourful illustrations. As a colour-blind illustrator I experiment with colour a lot because I’m never too sure what I want to achieve with it, however this results in some interesting combinations that often help highlight and modernise some of my more traditional linework.
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